Linda DiFeterici - Page to Stage

From 1995 thru 2008 Linda produced and hosted several poetry readings, open mics, poetry slams, poetry and arts festivals in southern New Jersey and Philadelphia. She is the founder and co-producer of Eadon’s Place and Noboarders Poetry Radio on Live365 until they went out of business in January 2016. Linda identifies herself and says “first and foremost a Poet and writer. I am also a daughter, mother and grandmother, sister, friend and wife from Paulsboro, NJ, a small river town in southern NJ

She writes of herself:

I am daughter of the sun and moon

student of the earth and sea

plants and tree, rock and stone

reptile and mammal, fish and bird

I am student and teacher of my lessons

lived and learned from my ancestors

and babes to be born

I am shape shifter,

twisting to shed this skin

entrapper of authentic self within

(c) 2014